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Great Things Come in Small Packages


I’ve been spending a lot of time these last few months connecting with people at various conferences and speaking engagements, and the support and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. It also opened my eyes to a need with in our industry and for many small businesses… An option to bring in a consultant to help you with your direction and some of the decisions you’re thinking about, but not necessarily the standard consulting contract that lasts anywhere from 3 to 12 months. A lot of these questions can be answered in shorter sessions, so I’m going to test the waters and start to offer some mini-consultations.

In these mini-sessions we can cover a range of topics depending on what your specific need is. Some people just want a second set of eyes, some people need a sounding board, others want advice on their resumes and how they are presenting themselves, or just the brand an image of you and your company….Nothing is off-limits in these sessions. Straight talk and advice from someone who has been there, done that… that is what these are designed for. I want to be your resource.

Reach Out

Call or email me today and let’s get some time set aside. I’m excited to be able to offer this option for everyone that has been asking for it to exist! It does now, so let’s do this! We can do sessions via video-chat or in person.

A link to the cities I’ll be in is here.

I’ll have dedicated time and space to meet on each trip, so let me know if we’ll cross paths in one of these cities or we should set up time for a Zoom call.
Also, I decided to offer 2 packs of these 30 minute blocks as an option so that we can do an in-depth session to start with a follow-up based on that first session to make sure everything is in place and you’re happy with your direction. It’s your accountability check-in to make sure everything is on the right track and it helps measure your progress, which everyone needs at some point.

– Kate

Press Release From the SEARCH Foundation


Corinne Dudine




SEARCH Foundation Welcomes Back Industry Veteran, Kate Patay

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – August 2018 – Following on the heels of one of the most successful fundraisers to date in Denver, the SEARCH Foundation, a 501(c)3 designed to help event professionals in crisis, is pleased to welcome back industry veteran Kate Patay, CPCE, to their board of directors. In her role she will help to raise awareness for the various programs and events that SEARCH hosts throughout the year.

“We knew when Kate was launching her business that she would be stepping back from some volunteer roles temporarily,” says board chair, Aaron Kaufman, CSEP of Fifth Element Group. “We’re thrilled that when she chose to donate her time and expertise under the new brand of Patay Consulting that SEARCH was top of her list. We’ll benefit immensely from her influence within the industry and know she will help impact the reach of SEARCH.”

“The SEARCH Foundation has always been near and dear to my heart, so it was an easy decision for me when I heard of the opening on the board,” according to Patay. “I see what an impact they make in our industry and I’m proud to be part of such a kind and giving group of individuals.”

Please visit for additional information and services, or to see how you can help make a difference in our industry. SEARCH events are held in conjunction with TSE and ILEA Live annually, as well as other regional conferences and events.


The SEARCH Foundation exists to assist special event, meeting, catering and hospitality professionals faced with a crisis, whether it be a life threatening illness or any catastrophic disaster. The SEARCH100 is the flagship donor program and 100% of the proceeds go directly back to the crisis fund.

Please visit for details or to make a donation.


Practice What You Preach

Practice What You Preach

Since launching Patay Consulting and working alongside some of the top professionals in our industry and beyond, I can say I’ve been both grateful and humbled. I’ve been busy working with both companies and individuals to build their brand, find their voice, and grow their business…and then I had the mind blowing conversation that changed it all.

I’m not practicing what I preach. I’ve pushed others into the spotlight and I’ve been a cheerleader and supporter for so many brands, but I was called out….I don’t champion my own brand enough. It should have been more apparent to me when Smart Meetings named me as a top influencer for the 2nd year in a row – craziness, right?!?! 2 years! And then the Northern Nevada Business Weekly just named me as one of the Top Powerful Women in Business. I stood on stage receiving that award and for once was almost at a loss for words (almost, I mean, it IS me….I always find words). If you’d like to see the grainy video of that acceptance speech you can watch HERE or follow my Instagram for all of the craziness in real time.

During all of this back to back travel, speaking at IMEX Frankfurt (wow!), coaching top hotel professionals on their image, working with venues and caterers to create a stronger brand, and assisting an organization near and dear to my heart to revamp a Business Development program that is well on its way to surpassing it’s 2018 goal less than 5 months into the year…..I neglected my story.

Here it is….I’m having a great time. I’m working with clients I love. If we’re a good fit and I’m your person, then I want to work together. One of my favorite people that I have looked up to for many years recently came to me and asked if I could help him rebrand the empire he built over 20+ years…my response was “you know I can absolutely do that, but if you’re relying on me you need to know my business is authentically me. I curse a lot and I tell you things you might not want to hear, but they’ll get you to where you want to be.” His response was “I just emailed the signed contract.”

I love that we are all in a place to be authentically us and choose to work alongside people the understand our unique brand and vision. 14 months into my journey as a solopreneur I’m doing it again. I’m leaping. I’m being bold in my choices of who I work with and when. I’m living and working on my terms and I’m having some fantastic lessons along the way on life and business. If I’m not the best fit, I probably know someone who is, so let me connect you. My team of contractors is the absolute best – I will only work with the best. This network of professionals we work so hard to cultivate as friends and colleagues is priceless….let’s keep building each other up and doing business that’s right for us and for our clients.

PS – check out some of the new speaking topics that I’ve added….I am never going to NOT love sharing knowledge from a stage. #GiveBack


Cheers to One Year!

365 days, 188 of which I spent on the road

8,760 hours, 8,759 I’m pretty sure I worked

31,536,000 seconds, of which every single one I am grateful for

The idea of starting my own business began much longer ago than one year. I remember sitting at The Special Event Show in Florida and having some real conversations with industry friends about what the framework would look like…. What would I do? Would I have “stuff”? Or would I be just me?

After many ideas and many glasses of champagne, I decided to just be me – no gimmicks, no stuff, just a straight shooting professional that knows how to run a business and run it well. I had the experience, the knowledge, the network, but I also had one other thing…

FEAR. Fear of the unknown, fear of stepping outside of my comfort zone, etc. I chose to let that fear propel me forward though…as anyone that knows me knows I run straight into burning fires at every turn (just ask Vincent Dreffs!)

Here is a perfect example of why FEAR should never stop you from creating forward momentum in any aspect of your life:

Every year my husband and I unplug and go camping at this gorgeous lake in the Sierra Buttes that you can only reach via a treacherous 4×4 path, followed by taking your canoe across to the only spot that is flat enough to hold a tent for two people and a couple of lounge chairs…and my fires, which are epic. Betcha didn’t know I build a mean fire! That is a whole different story though.

Anyways…. the fear. The fear came when we were gazing out across this serene lake and spotted a giant lake lizard/dragon/monster sent straight from the River Styx. We both stared at it swimming across our lake – our happy place! I would never get in that water again if this were true! So I took one look at my husband and without a word we jumped into the canoe and started paddling toward this lake serpent at full bore. I think we actually got that Lazy River canoe up on plane! We raced towards this beast so we could see for ourselves and we could conquer this fear one way or another – we had each other’s back, as well as two solid wood paddles.

This ferocious beast turned out to be a mama duck and 8 little babies gently undulating behind her on the soft waves, which appeared from a distance to be a swimming sea serpent. We had the wits scared out of us by ducks. True story.

The moral of that story though is we’d always wonder “what if” and be a little disappointed and a little scared if we hadn’t investigated. I raced towards that fear as fast as my red canoe could take me, just like I raced towards the next move in my career, which is why you are reading this. Granted, I started my website and the groundwork of this company over 9 months before launching, so there was a little fear, but there were a lot of people – colleagues, family, friends, strangers I met after speaking – they all had my back and gave me the boost to do this.

So now I stand here today (ok, I’m sitting, not standing….I can’t get used to standing and typing yet), but I sit here today with more contracts than I could ever dream of having in year one, an amazing intern helping me to track all of the small details, brilliant sub-contractors I can call on to bring my vision for my clients to life when it’s out of my scope, and a stack of plane tickets and invites to some of the most prestigious events around the world…. I HAVE MY DUCKS IN A ROW!

I did it. I jumped. I had no net besides my wonderful husband to say, “it’s ok to try – I believe in you.” I leapt and I was caught by this industry…you’ve embraced my new venture, you’ve come to me for advice and guidance, you’ve reminded me that it was my hard work that built a solid reputation to be able to do this, and you’ve cheered me on at every turn. I appreciate you, I am grateful for you, and I love what we collectively do….you are my people.

Cheers to an amazing first year of business and many more to come….for all of us!


Speaking To MPI Georgia



Workshop: How To Make Everyone on Your Team a Chief Brand Officer

Luncheon: Forecasting Trends and Social Media’s Influence on Meeting and Event Décor


8:00 am – 8:30 am: Workshop Registration and Continental Breakfast
8:30 am – 11:00 am:  Workshop
10:30 am – 11:00 am: Member orientation
11:00 am -11:45 am: Registration & Networking
11:45 am – 1:30 pm: Program

  This workshop has been approved for two (2) CE credits.

Click for more information and to register.