I’ve been spending a lot of time these last few months connecting with people at various conferences and speaking engagements, and the support and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. It also opened my eyes to a need with in our industry and for many small businesses… An option to bring in a consultant to help you with your direction and some of the decisions you’re thinking about, but not necessarily the standard consulting contract that lasts anywhere from 3 to 12 months. A lot of these questions can be answered in shorter sessions, so I’m going to test the waters and start to offer some mini-consultations.

In these mini-sessions we can cover a range of topics depending on what your specific need is. Some people just want a second set of eyes, some people need a sounding board, others want advice on their resumes and how they are presenting themselves, or just the brand an image of you and your company….Nothing is off-limits in these sessions. Straight talk and advice from someone who has been there, done that… that is what these are designed for. I want to be your resource.


Reach Out

Call or email me today and let’s get some time set aside. I’m excited to be able to offer this option for everyone that has been asking for it to exist! It does now, so let’s do this! We can do sessions via video-chat or in person.

A link to the cities I’ll be in is here.

I’ll have dedicated time and space to meet on each trip, so let me know if we’ll cross paths in one of these cities or we should set up time for a Zoom call.
Also, I decided to offer 2 packs of these 30 minute blocks as an option so that we can do an in-depth session to start with a follow-up based on that first session to make sure everything is in place and you’re happy with your direction. It’s your accountability check-in to make sure everything is on the right track and it helps measure your progress, which everyone needs at some point.

– Kate